ISA X APIMUN 09 Program Open Recruitment Vol. 1

ISA X APIMUN 09 2020

Hi, everyone! There is a new thing for you from APIMUN! This year APIMUN will be held an online event. There are no obstacle for you who wants to develop yourself even in the middle of pandemic. We open opportunity for you who wants to build networking and add experience with Japanese. You can get certificate, new friend(s), new experience, broaden your network, and learn about new culture. You can get those benefit by joining this event.

How to apply?

1. Fill in g-form application.

Register now :

2. If you pass the selection, you will be contacted by APIMUN team for interview session. You have to pay a registration fee of IDR 35.000 to the account number that we provided.

Terms and conditions :

1. Range age from 16 to 26 years.
2. Have good internet connection.
3. Interested in develop yourself.
4. Wants to add friendship network.
5. Can speak English.

Program Benefit :

1. You can learn and interact with International Student Association (ISA) Japan.
2. Get international certificate.
3. Learn about Japanese language and culture.
4. Gain insight and information about two nations (Indonesia-Japan).
5. Expand networking with Japanese.
6. Gain friendship with Japanese students.

Closed registration :
July 19, 2020

For further information please contact :

Instagram : apimunetwork
Email :
Hotmail :
Facebook : APIMUNetwork

*Note : the registration fee IDR 35.000 is earmarked for Apimun Social Activities, all activities will be documented on Apimun organization activities.