C UR SMILE 2 2019

C UR SMILE 2019 was made by evaluation from last years. The things that should be better than before is our concern to make a better program. We also have good communication between ISA as participants of this program related to what they want to try, learn or visit. The cooperative communication from both sides was very important to make a better program. Finally we made a deal and C UR SMILE was held in Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali with 'Build Mutual Understanding
Through Friendship' as our program theme. CURSMILE '19 start in Yogyakarta City, for the first step, we had a welcoming party in the hotel. There, we had symbolic opening by signing a placard. In Yogyakarta we went to Borobudur temple, learnt how to make bakpia (traditional food), played traditional games with APIMUN members in Yogyakarta Palace, learnt how to play gamelan (traditional instrument), visited sepanjang beach and have small games, had dinner in a restaurant with yogyakarta city's view, learnt how to make batik and also rode a jeep to merapi mountain. We had intense time and wonderful experience in Yogyakarta. Tourism, culture and friendship are the points that we have got. The second city was Surabaya city and we went there by bus. In Surabaya, we stayed in homestays with senior high school students (SMA 4 Surabaya) and had activities with students in their school. Our activities in senior high school was posted in local news, it makes us so proud.  The last city was Bali and we went to Bali by plane. In bali we learnt kecak dance in udayana university, visited garuda wisnu kencana, saw kecak fire dance in uluwatu and also the beautiful sunset, visited bali farm to know more about luwak coffee, visited danau bratan (ulun dalu) and had a farewell party in jimbaran beach with seafood dinner. In farewell party we were so emotional. This event made us teary because we have to go back to our routinity. Our truly international friendship was built through CURSMILE, it was amazing for every single person in this program