Aishiteru Batch 3 (SMA 4 Surabaya) 2019

In 2019, for the third time we continue our cooperation with SMA N 4 Surabaya. The theme for this year was “Exchanging Cultures and Enhancing friendship”. We visited several places that were thick with Japanese cultures, one that we learned was tried to wear kimono clothes, it was japanese traditional clothes. We got opportunity to study and know one of university in Japan, named Doshisha University. Not only learning , but we also increasing our knowledge about how Japanese manage their waste. The waste could generate electricity and
made substitute for road asphalt. We also got
other opportunity, we visited Consulate General in Osaka.

We never forgot  those experiences.  When we in Japan, we could interact with some Japanese students from ISA. We had camp with
them, it was truly an unforgettable experience, had new friends from Japan, and got a lot of
knowledge about Japanese culture and development of advanced technology.