Autumn International School Tour and Culture (Ai ShiTerU) 2019

The Background
Autumn International School Tour and Culture (Ai ShiTerU) is a program designed to bridge each of the youth of Indonesia for some purposes there. The program is expected to support the youth of Indonesia to develop themselves as well as a youth ambassador of friendship between Indonesia and Japan until the later benefit the two countries' relations. The program is planned to visit some of Japan-Indonesia relations agencies, educational and historical places of Japan, hold programs of cultural exchange, developing and managing volunteer programs, and also international friendship. 

In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 APIMUN successfully hold multicultural understanding program to Japan with “Japan Autumn Youth Cultural Tour and Studies”. In 2017 and 2018 APIMUN also successfully hold “Autumn International School Tour and Culture”. This year, we expected the continuity of the successful program before. We will take “Autumn International School Tour and Culture 2019” as the title of this program. As we stated before, we want to make young generation from both countries build a friendship through culture, so the theme of this activity is “Understanding Diversity by Learning Culture and Building Friendship”. 

The Purpose
1. Studying inter-culture, language and other related matters between Japan and Indonesia
2. A means to establish and strengthen relations between Japanese and Indonesian youth people through friendship.
3. Getting a real picture about Japan as the state of world globalization. 

The Activities 
Autumn International School Tour and Culture 2019 will be held in various events, in the
form of:
  1. Study Activity at University in Kansai Area
  2. Study Activity at Consulate General of Indonesia in Osaka
  3. Study Activity at Sakai City Wasting Management
  4. Youth Activity with Japanese Youth Organization in Shiga and Nara
  5. Culture Tour in Kyoto and Osaka 
In the design of this activity, APIMUN intends to cooperate with:
  1. Collaboration of Senior High Schools in Surabaya
  2. International Student Association Japan (ISA Japan)
  3. Consulate General of Republic Indonesia in Osaka
  4. University in Kansai Area
The Schedule (Fixed)
15 23 October 2019 (9 days 8 nights)
15 Oct 2019

-Depart from Indonesia
16 Oct 2019

-Arrived at Kansai
-Move to Kyoto
-Check in at Guesthouse in

-Short Briefing about life in

17 Oct 2019

-Kimono Experience
-Cultural Experience at Arashiyama

18 Oct 2019

Kyoto-Kansai Area
-Study Activity at Japan University
19 Oct 2019

-Check out Guesthouse -Move to Shiga
-Amazing Program with ISA -Check in at Hostel in Shiga

20 Oct 2019

-Check out Hostel
-Move to Nara
-Amazing Program with ISA (2) -Move to Osaka
-Check in at Hotel in Osaka

21 oct 2019

-Study Activity at ID Consulate General -Free Time
22 Oct 2019

-Study Activity at Wasting Management -Free Time (2)
-Preparation for Returning

23 Oct 2019

-Chek out Hotel -Return to Indonesia