Aishiteru Batch 2 (SMA 3 Yogyakarta) 2018

     Another annual Japan program from APIMUN has been held and in this chance APIMUN was collaborated with SMA N 3 Yogyakarta, the students and teachers sure got some experiences that they never had before.The students got real culture experiences with ISA member and they taught the students about foods (how to make yatsuhashi, takoyaki and okonomiyaki), arts (traditional crafts that Japanese made), and accompany the students to historical places in Kyoto (temples) and Osaka (Osaka Castle). The students also taught ISA member about Indonesia traditional toy called Congklak and Indonesia traditional game called Cublakcublaksuweng demonstarted how to play them and asked other ISA member to participate. ISA member look very happy and curious about our traditional toy and game! The activities with ISA member was held for 2days, on Saturday and Sunday.

aaaSMA N 3 Yogyakarta also visited Kyoto University and General Consulate of Indonesia in Osaka. The students got new sight about how Japanese university students studying and how to get scholarship, also students asked about majors that Kyoto university offered in international program. They took a walk around Kyoto university with a guide from there, they showed us about the dormitory, international major and studies, also club that Kyoto university had. They also took them to know more about the history how Kyoto University was made, they took them to see their museum. They also had a lunch on Kyoto University canteen.

aaaOn the next day, the students visited Consulate General of Indonesia in Osaka office, there they got many information about scholarship that Japan offered and also how to apply them. The students on the next day went to wasting management company accompanied by General Consulate of Indonesia, to learnt how Japanese people processed their waste and not polluted the environment around them and also they had Question and Answer there about how they differentiate the waste. The students and teachers really fascinated and they had fun there.

aaaNext, the students and teachers went to Universal Studio Japan. The students had so much fun and exciting experiences when they at USJ, they enjoyed their time in the theme park. Last, They went home with a lot off happiness and experiences that they learnt through their 7 days visit in Japan. Hope with these chance they can applied what they learnt in Japan.