Indonesia is a country that full of charm. Our country has a lot of diversity, such as cultural diversity, language, ethnicity, religion, islands, and tourism destinations. Here, you will get an unforgettable experience with friendly colleagues in a series of exciting and fun activities. That’s why, C UR SMILE (Culture & Study Of  Magnificent Indonesia Learning Event 2018) was made as a cultural exchange program that aim to introduce our beautiful indonesia to the world.
C UR SMILE is a nine days event that aims to give an opportunity for international students to enchance their capabilities and personalities through various programs in Indonesia.. The program's activities are to visit some areas of Indonesia and learn about the culture and way of life of Indonesian people.
This years, APIMUN was colaborated with ISA (International Student Association) in Japan as the participants of this program. This action was made from good relationship between APIMUN and ISA like many years before. CURSMILE partcipants are from Japan Student (ISA), some of them are from different country such as Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, etc. C UR SMILE’18 was held in 4 City in Indonesia (Bandung, Cirebon, Yogyakarta and Bali). This event was prepared to give all of the participants memorable experience in Indonesia that unforgetable. This theme for this event was unity in diversity – Bhineka Tungal Ika.
First activity was held in Bandung, overthere, we were tried to play angklung (traditional instrument in bandung) and visited tangkuban perahu (one of beautiful volcano in Indonesia). Then, we were moved to Cirebon city to learn how to make batik. The third city was yogyakarta. In yogyakarta, we were visited yogyakarta palace (keraton), learn how to make bakpia (tradisional food in yogyakarta), tried to ride Jeep in Merapi Volcano, Visited Senior High School Student and meet APIMUN member’s to play traditional games. The last, we were moved to bali by plane. In bali we were visited monkey forest and goa gajah, see sunsets and learn kecak dance in Udayana University. Finally as the last moment, we have farewell party in front of Jimbaran beach and eat sea food.