What is  APIMUN ??

Asia Pacific-Indonesia Multicultural Understanding Network (APIMUN) is the organization to accommodate young people between Indonesia and Asia Pacific in order to establish relations based on the understanding of multicultural and international friendship.  APIMUN was established on February 16th, 2011. The  APIMUN ‘s point of view  is "Let's be a part of the international people in Asia Pacific".  APIMUN serves as facilitator of creativity and aspirations of youth people.  APIMUN aims to make young people put a step forward in gaining the spirit of international view by joining the international community to achieve a strong friendship of international relations as young Asia Pasific people.

APIMUN, as an organization that accomodates how to interact, communicate, and get mutual understanding between the culture of Indonesia with the various cultures in the Asia Pacific region, has important tasks in implementing the program of cultural exchange and international friendship. 
Such programs are intended to distribute and maximize the existing potential, as a real action in realizing the dreams of young people to make the ideal relations within Indonesia and Asia Pasific.

Asia Pacific-Indonesia Multicultural Understanding Network

"let's be a part of international people"